STOR 664: FALL 2021

This page was updated on July 15, 2022.

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2020 Midterm Exam

2021 Midterm Exam with solutions

2021 Final Exam with solutions

2021 CWE Question and Solution for STOR 664

For completeness, I have also posted a copy of my 2010 exam here. However, I should point out that the 2010 exam covered a section of the course text that was not taught during the Fall 2021 class, and you are not expected to be able to answer questions that are outside the material covered in class.

You are also welcome to review the CWE exam questions that I set for this course between 1997 and 2005, which are collected here. This material is subject to the same caveat: I have made various changes to course content over the years, and you are not expected to be familiar with material that was not covered during Fall 2021. Also, you should be aware that up to 2005, the primary programming language used was SAS, whch we did not cover and I do not expect you to know for the August 2022 exam.

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