STOR 590, SPRING 2020
Instructor: Richard L. Smith

This page was last updated January 12, 2020.


This course was previously taught as STOR 556 in Spring 2019, and focuses on extensions of the linear model - in particular, generalized linear models and random effects models. Another version of STOR 556 was taught by my colleague Dr. Kai Zhang in Fall 2019, which focused on time series analysis (this is the version of STOR 556 that has existed for many years prior to 2019). In order to keep the two courses separate, my version of STOR 556 was renumbered STOR 590 and titled Advanced Linear Models. Students who previously took STOR 556 from me in Spring 2019 are not eligible to take STOR 590 now. However, students who took STOR 556 from Dr. Zhang in Fall 2019 (or any year prior to 2019) are welcome to take STOR 590 now. I will be happy to answer any queries.

Homework 1, due Wednesday, January 22.

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